February 19, 2011

Grief, More or Less

My journal has been quiet but not without reason.  About mid January a fateful day arrived.  Since then I have been tunneling through survival; the survival of a significant loss.

What happens to creativity when encountering a significant loss?  A few months ago, my creative flow was an internal avalanche of passionate energy waking me in the morning to rise up and work.  Earnestly and joyfully I flew on the wind.  Now, I am a winter day in northern Minnesota where only the frosty air crackles in the below-thirty degrees Fahrenheit, and only the lone twitter of a chickadee can be heard or the rare, unearthly boom from 3-foot-thick-ice on a lake sounds.  I am surrounded by snow and stillness.  My creativity is as frozen as all that is around me. Though I've been able to return to artistic endeavors the effort is one of real work- like trying to clear land filled with thorn bushes.  And each day awakens with grief , more or less.

The journey of imagination is entwined with our lives and therefore also with our losses.  When you have experienced  loss how did it affect your creativity?  This journal is open to every skill level and all creative efforts.  Feel free to comment about it here.  Thank you. 

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