April 12, 2011

Winter's Famine

Where I live the sights of Spring are slowly dragging themselves in after Winter, looking like creatures of famine.  Baby leaves -those which I've named according to their bright green color when first appearing, or when they are born if you will- are showing their faces but without the brightness and shininess of birth.  Brand new buds look drab and uneager to grow.  And grass still brown from a dry Winter is trying very hard to go green on its own.  They all are very thirsty!  Eagerness and newness and brightness are missing from Spring this season.  And in this surrounding area their nemesis Fire is playing casually and thoughtlessly.

This is a very good description of my own inner creativity this year.  I'm hopeful that for me spring rains have begun and the famine is over.  I have my first new work in such a long time.   

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